LETv le x526 FRP Lock Done In One Click On Miracle Box

How To Remove LETv le x526 FRP (Google Account) Lock With Miracle Box

If your LETv (le x526) after perform factory reset’s process. And after finishing the setup wizard’s setting. Ask for previously linked Google Account’s or showing “Warning” See the image below. So this google account’s lock removing guide will be helping you to remove your LETv (le x526)’s Google account via miracle box software.

Let’s Get Started To Unlock LETv (le x526)’s Google Account.

It’s a new method of removing LETv (le x526)’s Google Account. In this method, you don’t need to select loader file manually.

Connect your phone in EDL mode (Download Mode).

How To Connect LETv (le x526) In EDL mode (Download Mode).

First, switch off your phone.

Now press & hold the vol+ & vol- key’s then insert USB cable. Press & hold the vol+ & vol- key’s until the device is detected by PC. Then check in device manager your device is connected or not. If your phone successfully connected to pc you will be seeing (Qualcomm HS-USB QDloader 9008) port in device manager. See the image below.

Now open miracle box software. After opening miracle box.

  1. Go to Qualcomm tab > Extra >
  2. Then select Brand (LETV)
  3. Then select Model (LETV-X526)
  4. Then select Port
  5. Then tick on Remove Account Lock (Other)
  6. Then click on the Start Button

Then wait till software show’s all process 100% completed. See the image below.

Download Miracle Box Latest Software Setup

Download Setup


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