Vivo Y83 Password & Pin Lock Remove Done Via Miracle Box

How To Remove Vivo Y83 (1802) Pin Or Password Lock With Miracle Box

If your Vivo Y83 (1802) locked with password or pin lock & you are unable to perform factory reset operation from recovery mode. Then this guide can be helpful to you. But remember this operation will erase all your phone’s data completely.

Let’s Get Started To Removing Vivo Y83 (1802)’s Password Or Pin Lock With Miracle Box

For unlocking Vivo Y83 (1802). First, you must have to download the latest version of miracle box’s setup. Download the latest version of miracle box’s setup & MediaTek drivers from the link given below in this unlocking guide.

Now open miracle box software. After opening miracle box.

  1. Go to MTK tab > Service >
  2. Then tick on Format
  3. Select Boot “Select Boot” “4th boot (Auto-Connect)” > Vivo Y83
  4. Then tick on “Auto”
  5. Then click on the start button.
  6. Now Switch off the phone & connect to the phone with PC. (If your phone is asking for the driver. So drivers download from the link given below).
  7. After that you will be seeing your phone is successfully connected to the miracle box software. And after that, the format process will start and a blue progress bar will appear. Give some time to the miracle box software. To complete the format process.
  8. After some time you will be seeing the format process are 100% completed. Now your phone is completely formatted. And now you will be seeing your phone will not ask you for pin & password lock. See the image below.

Miracle Box Latest Setup Download

Download Now

MediaTek Driver Download

Download Now

After the flashing process completed your device is asking you about previously linked google account (FRP) Lock. So now you can click here for removing google account (FRP) lock.

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